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Blood doesn't discriminate over sexuality.
It just saves lives.

With a 40% drop in the UK blood donations
over the last decade, the NHS has warned it needs
204,000 new volunteers this year to ensure the
nation's blood stocks are maintained
at a 'safe' level.

Currently gay men do not have equal rights
to save lives. To be able to donate blood gay men
must abstain from sex for 12 months whereas
heterosexuals can donate blood freely
even if they have unprotected sex.

When 1-in-4 Britons will rely on donated
blood at some point in their lives, it's time
that the law based the right to donate
on behaviour, not sexuality.

Be 1 of the 100,000 signatures needed
to pressure the government to review the law.
Together we can #putredback in the rainbow.

Sign the Petition

We have partnered with the organisation Freedom to Donate who are a positive and inclusive campaign that similarly supports a change in the law and a simple belief that those who wish to donate blood and can do so safely, should be able to donate blood.

All petition signatures from this site will be added to the Freedom to Donate petition advocating a fresh review into the criteria for blood donation. Together we can help put red back in the Rainbow.